Hotsos Laredo Installation

How to Download

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to download Hotsos Laredo.

Register Your Copy

After you download and install Hotsos Laredo, find out how to register your product by watching this video.

Set Up Your Repository

After you've downloaded, installed and registered your copy of Laredo, the next thing to do is to set up your repository. Learn how by watching this short video.

Collection Setup

After your repository is ready, learn how to set up your first collection. Please watch this video to get started.

Schedule Your First Collection

Would you like to schedule a collection? Learn how by watching this short video.

Set Up Your First Scenario

The next step is to set up your first scenario. Watch this video to learn how.

Second Scenario

In order to identify the impact a change will have on a database, you also need to set up a second scenario. You can do so by viewing this video.


Now that you've created two scenarios, you can examine the difference between them. View this video to see the steps.