Hotsos Application Workload Characterization Solution (HAWCS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will we have a separate database created for the HAWCS repository? Can we just create a schema in an existing database to use as repository? Are there any drawbacks for doing it that way?

A: You do not need a separate database specifically for using HAWCS. HAWCS can share a database with other software. We have many customers who put the HAWCS repository in the same database as their OEM repository. However, HAWCS cannot be installed in the same database instance as your E-Business Suite. HAWCS does some pretty heavy calculations and summarizations that could adversely affect the performance of your EBS Suite if located in the same instance.

Q: The installation guide specifies a 20 GB table space to support HAWCS schema in the HAWCS repository. Is the size of the repository database expected to grow substantially as we continue to collect data? If so, are there any procedures to purge obsolete data?

A: Every Oracle EBS installation is different and produces different amounts of data based on the way it is used. The two most important factors in the determination of the Repository size are the number of new sessions created in the EBS database each day, and the number of months of retained data in the HAWCS Repository. We recommend a brief consultation with HAWCS Support to determine a starting size for the Repository tablespace.

There are procedures to purge data from the repository on an ad hoc basis. The purge utility can be found in the Admin menu of HAWCS, and there is documentation about purging from the command line in the User Guide. Detailed data is automatically summarized into tables that are not erased in the purge processes, so summary data will always be kept.

Q: Can multiple target databases share the same repository? If so, do we have to re-run all of the scripts on the repository database for each target database?

A: You can indeed monitor multiple EBS instances with one HAWCS repository. Some software must be installed in each EBS database that is collected by HAWCS. In HAWCS repository, only a new database link must be defined for each EBS database from which data is collected.

Q: How often is data collected from the EBS database? Can I force HAWCS to collect data when I wish?

A: The default data collection is once per 24 hours for each Target database. The time of collection is determined by the customer.

A data collection can be requested at any time by using a selection in the Administration section of the HAWCS tool. If a collection is already underway, or other processes that may impact the requested collection, HAWCS will queue the request and execute it as soon as the other processes have completed.

Q: Does HAWCS deliver important data even without logging into the HAWCS online application?

A: Yes, a Notification Report is e-mailed to a list of recipients (chosen by the customer) that contains summary reports of the most expensive sessions, the sessions that ran the longest, all sessions that violated performance boundaries determined by the customer, and so forth. This report is produced for each Target database after each data collection.


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