Hotsos Application Workload Characterization Solution (HAWCS)

Why You Need HAWCS

 HAWCS provides a single dashboard view of business activity and Oracle performance metrics, giving you the visibility you need to produce radical improvements in the performance of your E-Business system. HAWCS eliminates the guesswork from the problem diagnosis phase of a performance improvement project by showing you how users, workload and performance are related.

When You Need HAWCS

HAWCS gathers the performance metrics you need to discover where your system resources are going. Armed with these metrics you can quickly address the problem areas and maximize your performance effectiveness.

How It Works

By identifying three critical components of performance: Workers (the demanders of services), Work Products (the outputs of services), and Costs (the performance costs to support the workers producing work products), HAWCS shows the measure of efficiency of your Oracle E-Business Suite for any day in time. HAWCS also stores performance information to make it easy for you to identify wasteful workload and improve system performance.

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HAWCS Sample Report

See what HAWCS can show you. View a sample report.


Prices vary by configuration and volume. Please write or call +1.888.8HOTSOS.


We have put together a short list of questions that have been commonly asked. You may find this list on the FAQ page.


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