Our Mission

Whatever your role, performance analyst, database administrator or application developer, our mission is to provide you with courses that will radically enhance your on-the-job efficiency in delivering peak-performing applications that are suited exactly to the needs of your business. You can use the methods we teach at the moment you leave our classroom to provide spectacular value to your business.

Our courses focus the student's attention not upon rote learning and superficial understanding of Oracle rules of thumb, but upon a thorough understanding of how systems work. Hands-on problem-solving strategies are presented that can be carried forward directly to common problems and customized for solving less common ones. We believe that theory is essential, but without the relevant practical application, the investment you make in both time and money remains a mere academic exercise instead of valuable intellectual assets that can be applied to your day-to-day activities.

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Student Quotes

"Much of what I knew about Oracle SQL turned out to be valid, but some of my knowledge was outdated or simply wrong. This course helped lay a solid foundation for my Oracle knowledge and filled in gaps that, often, I didn't realize that I had."

"Very useful course for every database person, irrespective of the prior experience he / she has. The instructor was just brilliant. Easily the best Oracle Course I have attended."

"This course rocked. It hit the absolutely critical areas for optimizing Oracle SQL."

"As usual, Hotsos has taken a subject (SQL optimization) normally presented with false assumptions and no proof and enabled the student to determine the facts quickly and in a repeatable manner. Good work!"

"I have found a wealth of issues, and have started carving out a course of action. One query in particular came up that we really needed to optimize. It was taking 20 minutes to execute and upon review we found it consisted of 14 unions. We found natural groupings where 2/3rd of the unions would never be used for any one given report. Using the knowledge I gained in class, we shifted required parameters around primary key fields and combined unions when possible with the WITH statement. The result - 1000% improvement! The query now runs in under 2 minutes and we think we can make it even better."

"This course far exceeded other courses I've taken on similar subject matter. No comparison!"

"The idea for the class is revolutionary. It's great that I now know why all of a sudden the CBO is not doing as I expected..... More importantly I learned how to explain why the CBO does what it does."

"The Oracle optimizer is less mysterious. I got answers to questions I have asked for years."