Response Time Profiling Method (RPM) - Includes Hotsos Profiler Subscription

This two-day class will teach you how to quickly find the root cause of a performance issue. You will learn the skills needed to implement, collect and analyze the 10046 trace data (Extended SQL Tracing). Knowing how easy it is to implement is the first step to harnessing the power of the trace data. With this data, you will use the Hotsos Profiler to profile the trace and with two simple clicks know exactly which SQL statement is responsible for your performance issue. The class includes a one year subscription for the Hotsos Profiler.

This course is intended to teach you as a performance professional how to find the root cause of a performance issue. You will not just learn how to read a 10046 trace file, but more importantly learn about how to implement tracing in your application so its simple and quick to trace your production system. Also, you will learn how to use the Hotsos Profiler to find the SQL statement that is the root cause of your performance issue in an amazingly small amount of time.


The course is organized into the following segments:

  1. Introduction
    • Course overview
    • Introductions
    • Installing the Profiler
  2. What is .RPM.?
    • Define Response Time Profiling Method
    • Focus on the Business
    • The Fastest way
    • Your Job as a performance professional
    • Define a profile
  3. Getting a Trace File
    • Extended SQL Tracing (10046 Tracing)
    • Ways to turn on trace
    • The DBMS_MONITOR package, tracing and statistics
    • What are modules and actions?
    • Tracing with MODULE and ACTION
    • The TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER parameter
  4. Reading a Trace file
    • Extended SQL Trace Data
    • Database Calls
    • Wait events
    • STAT lines
    • Understanding unaccounted for time
  5. The Hotsos Profiler
    • Overview
    • Two clicks to be a rock star
    • A good profile
    • The Skew diagram
    • Other sections of the profiler output
  6. Common Wait Events
    • Once you have a profile, now what?
    • Wait Classes
    • Common Events
    • Common Events for Parallel Query
    • Common Events for RAC
  7. Wrap up
  8. Appendix on how to manually create a profile

Target Audience

This course is designed for application developers and database administrators who want to respond faster and more permanently to Oracle system performance problems. As a performance professional, this course will arm you with the skills and tools necessary to trace down a performance issue.


Before coming to class, please register for an account at

Students are expected to have a strong working knowledge of Oracle and SQL and experience as a database administrator or application developer.

Instructional Format

The two-day course includes lectures and exercises. The course is conducted in English.


Each student is required to have the following materials:

  • Laptop
  • Class materials
  • Hotsos Profiler


  • List Price: $1499.00
  • Alumni Price: $500.00*
    *Alumni pricing is available to prior attendees of this course.


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