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Authentication Levels

Each item in the library has an authentication level attribute that defines who may access the document. Authentication levels at include:

Level Description
aocp Adv Optimizer Concepts and Perf
coderev Hotsos Software Reviewer
CP101 CP101 student
CP201 CP201 student
hawcs HAWCS
hawcsdc HAWCS Data Collector
HDC HAWCS Data Collector
interceptoroci Licensee of the Hotsos Interceptor for the Oracle Call Interface
interceptorocidev Interceptor OCI Developer
laredo Hotsos Laredo licensee
onf Optimization New Features
OP101 OP101 student
OP102 OP102 student
PD101 PD101 student
PD102 PD102 student
pod perf opt for developers
pod3 perf opt for developers 3day
pro profiling student
profiler Hotsos Profiler licensee
pubrev Hotsos Publication Reviewer
registered Registered guest (free registration)
rpm Response Time Profiling Method
sem seminar
SLAManager Service Level Agreement Manager software download
SYM03 Hotsos Symposium 2003 attendee
SYM04 Hotsos Symposium 2004 attendee
SYM05 Hotsos Symposium 2005 attendee
sym08 Symposium 2008
sym09 Symposium 2009
sym10 sym10
sym11 Symposium 2011
sym12 Symposium 2012
sym13 Hotsos Symposium 2013
sym14 Hotsos Symposium 2014
sym15 Hotsos Symposium 2015
td11 Training Day 2011
td12 Training Day 2012
td13 Training Day 2013
td14 Training Day 2014
td15 Training Day 2015
visitor Site visitor (no registration required)

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