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Title: Hotsos MTS Tracefile Filter for Oracle 10046 trace data
Author: Hotsos Enterprises, Ltd.
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Read a list of files, interpreting them as shared server trace files, and produce one logical trace file for each distinct session found. A session is distinguished by its session id and serial number. These two attributes correspond to v$session.sid and v$session.serial#.

The two types of known files are .trc and .trc.gz. If a file does not match these types, then a warning is issued and the file is ignored. If the file is a directory, then all files in the directory are processed except '.' and '..'.

For even slightly busy Oracle instances, the probability of finding a client's trace data in multiple shared server tracefiles is quite high. Therefore, this tool is useful in producing an equivalent tracefile to the one created by a dedicated server process (except for the additional MTS related events).

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