Creating Faster, More Scalable Code

Application developers have tremendous influence over Oracle® performance. Unfortunately, performance accountability within development teams has diminished over the years. With development tools easier to use and hardware becoming both faster and cheaper, performance is often left to the DBA team. This paradigm carries a massive, unnecessary cost in both production escalations and over-sized hardware!

With the proper Hotsos assistance, education and tools, your developers can assess the performance of their code earlier and easier than ever before! Production issues that might consume 100+ hours of escalation time can now be found and eliminated in minutes at the developer's desk.

Your ROI potential is huge. How? It's a combination of Hotsos education and technology!


Relevant Links:

  • Consulting: World-class Oracle performance experts trained and equipped to help your business rapidly identify and repair the root cause behind your business issues. We will work with your development team to create a culture of continued improvement related to code performance.

  • Performance Optimization for Developers (POD): This two-day class builds a performance foundation for your development team. Pulled from the best of our entire performance curriculum, our POD class equips developers with the ability to recognize and correct performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies early in the system development life cycle.

  • Performance Optimization for Developers + PL/SQL: This POD class includes a third day dedicated to measurement and optimization of PL/SQL code.

  • Hotsos Symposium: Our annual conference DEDICATED to Oracle performance. Have your team join the world's top performance experts each Spring in Dallas.