Hotsos for Developers

Want to Be a Hero?

Most of the performance problems we find in the field are caused by decisions made by application developers. Developing a high-performance application is tough work. Most of your training focuses on the functional aspects of your development environment. What little attention is paid to making scalable use of your underlying Oracle technology is often misguided. (Have you heard that you shouldn't use indexes when querying small tables? Not true.)

What if you could identify and eliminate scalability inhibitors in your application code before your application ever left your desk? Your users would get the most out of your software. Your applications would scale to enormous user counts and data volumes. And you'd have fewer performance bugs to fix.

Fewer application performance problems.

Typical Problems

Hotsos can help you solve problems like the following:

  1. “My application's users keep complaining about system performance, and the system's DBA keeps reporting that the database is perfectly tuned. How can I determine whether my application is causing the problems?”

  2. “I'm helping to build the biggest application I've ever heard of, and the project will live or die on whether it can scale to petabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. How can I make sure the application will scale?”

  3. “Before I bet my career on a application design recommendation, how can I be completely sure that I'm right?”

  4. “When I ask questions about SQL tuning, I get contradictory advice from the experts. How can I decide for myself which information to believe?”

The Solution

Application developers have more influence over the performance of an Oracle application than anyone else in the application's lifespan. Certain important design decisions completely define whether an application will run quickly and scale to large user, transaction, and data volumes. That's where we come in.

How Hotsos Can Help

Hotsos offers the following products and services to help application developers solve your problems and more:

  • Our course teaches application developers the fundamental facts about how to write fast, scalable application SQL code.

  • Hotsos Symposium provides a rare opportunity to spend a few days with performance specialists like Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, Cary Millsap, Mogens Nørgaard, and many others.

  • Laredo is software that helps you find performance problems before your users do. By recording execution plans for all your system's SQL, Laredo can tell you about any unintended side-effects that a code or schema change may inflict upon your users. Don't ever sweat dropping an index again.

  • If you get stuck on a problem, or if you just want a second opinion, we offer consulting services designed to give you the maximum impact for the smallest possible investment in time.


Here are a few nice things that our customers have had to say about working with us:

The day after I returned to work from the Hotsos Clinic, I reduced the response time of a query from 44 minutes to 0.41 seconds. The Clinic completely changed my view of tuning the database.

—Nagesh Pillarisetti, Schaumburg Illinois

Hotsos Project Laredo has helped us find and fix SQL performance issues before shipping software upgrades to our customers, saving us untold support hours.

—John Schmidt, McKesson Corporation