Hotsos for DBAs and Performance Analysts

Got Performance Problems?

One of the most difficult jobs for many DBAs is to respond to system performance crises. You may not know it yet, but one of the reasons it's so hard to fix performance problems is that you've been trained to look for them in the wrong places.

Your system's performance problems aren't where you might think they are.

What if you could learn a repeatable, scientific approach for finding and fixing performance problems that works every time? You'd cut your diagnosis time to a fraction of what it is today. You'd increase your management's confidence in your recommendations about how to invest into your system.

Hotsos can show you how.

Want to Be a Hero?

Most of the Oracle systems we look at work about twice as hard as they need to. The way most Oracle database administrators and performance analysts have been trained actually stimulates the problem.

What if you could identify and eliminate inefficiencies that would free up 50% of your systems' capacity? You'd make your applications faster for everyone. Your department could postpone your next hardware upgrade, and you might be able to avoid migrating your application to a costlier, more complex architecture. You might be able to save license fees by consolidating your appliations onto fewer servers.

Hotsos can show you how.

Typical Problems

Hotsos can help you solve problems like the following:

  1. “My users keep complaining about system performance, but all my system performance metrics look great. How can I fix the problem they're talking about?”

  2. “I know what the performance problem is, but my boss is headed in a different direction. How can I convince him beyond the shadow of a doubt that I'm going in the right way?”

  3. “I'm sick of tuning by trial and error. Where can I find a repeatable, scientific approach for finding and fixing performance problems that works every time?”

  4. “The business keeps telling me that an application needs to run faster, but I can't think of any way to make it happen on our existing system. How can I prove when it's time to upgrade our hardware?”

  5. “We're consolidating servers, but I don't think we have enough hardware to handle all our workload. What can we do?”

The Solution

The solution begins with a simple realization:

Databases don't have performance problems, people do.

You've probably been taught by “experts” that to optimize an Oracle database, you have to create complicated conceptual models that integrate dozens of statistics about how efficiently different components of your system are responding to their input. But, as you've noticed, it is intensely difficult to do your job this way. In many cases, it may be impossible.

The right way to optimize the performance of an Oracle system is the way you optimize the performance of anything else. You answer the simple question, “What's taking so long?”

It sounds easy, and it is. ...After you unlearn and relearn a few things about how the Oracle kernel really works. That's where we come in.

How Hotsos Can Help

Hotsos offers the following products and services to help you solve problems faster and more permanently than you've ever imagined. Better yet, we can help you prevent them from happening in the first place:

  • Our Education offerings can teach you how to diagnose and repair exactly the performance problems your end-users are fighting today.

  • Many application performance problems require manipulation of application SQL as a repair step. Our Optimizing Oracle Performance course provides a solid foundation for a database administrator who needs to be able to help application developers optimize their SQL.

  • Laredo is software that helps you find performance problems before your users do. By recording execution plans for all your system's SQL, Laredo can tell you about any unintended side-effects that your proposed remedy action may inflict upon your users. Don't ever sweat dropping an index again.

  • Hotsos Symposium provides a rare opportunity to spend a few days with performance specialists like Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, Cary Millsap, Mogens Nørgaard, and many others.

  • If you get stuck on a problem, or if you just want a second opinion, we offer consulting services designed to give you the maximum impact for the smallest possible investment in time.


Here are a few nice things that our customers have said about working with us:

The day after I returned to work from the Hotsos Clinic, I reduced the response time of a query from 44 minutes to 0.41 seconds. The Clinic completely changed my view of tuning the database.

—Nagesh Pillarisetti, Schaumburg IL

Laredo has helped us find and fix SQL performance issues before shipping software upgrades to our customers, saving us untold support hours.

—John Schmidt, McKesson Corporation